The Perfect Salad

If you’re taking the time to make a salad, why not make it work for you?   I’m all about building efficient meals that maximize nutrient density, gut-healing ability, texture and flavor. I follow this perfect salad formula for 99% of my lunches and many of my dinners as well. […]

The Best Foods and Supplements for Your Immune System

I’ve been getting lots of questions about how to strengthen the immune system, and now that we’re all stuck at home, it’s a great time to overhaul your diet. Coming fresh off my Wahls’ Protocol Certification*, I’d like to share some actionable steps you can take to support your body’s […]

How to grow broccoli sprouts

I am admittedly very new to the world of sprouting, and all horticulture in general. And in this particular stage of life, with 3 kids under 6, I don’t have the time or patience to look after more living things. But this is different. I have spent weeks trying to […]

Simple Salads

Salads are my favorite weekday lunch. They’re an easy way to eat more fiber and color, and you get to take advantage of leftovers! But chopping a bunch of raw vegetables sounds daunting and doesn’t scream “delicious.” Follow this strategy to prepare a satisfying salad (that you actually want to […]


How to Sleep Better Tonight and Why It Matters

At 9 months pregnant, sleep is something that eludes me even before baby #3 arrives. I find my mind racing, which makes it hard to fall asleep and even harder to get back to sleep after one of my several trips to the bathroom (hello squished bladder!). I’m hot, then […]

How to Keep Your Gut Healthy

If you know me, you know I don’t mind discussing bodily functions, including “number two.” While it’s gross, it’s also one of the greatest insights into our health. So naturally I jumped at the opportunity to take a deep dive into the topic and contribute to the Functional Medicine SF […]


Sneaky Ways to Be Active with a Sedentary Lifestyle

One thing that changes when you move from NY to CA is that you drive, like everywhere. I knew I’d miss the effortlessly active lifestyle we left in New York. We didn’t have a car, we didn’t need a car – I could cover 5 to 10 miles in a […]

A Nutritionist’s Guide to Cocktail Hour

You know the moment. The day is done, the dishes are clean, maybe the kids are tucked into bed or you just wrapped up a big work project. I look forward to this time when I can finally put my feet up and slowly savor my glass of red wine. […]

Why “Fat Free” does not mean better-for-you

If you read anything diet-related in the 80s, you’ve likely been brainwashed into thinking fat is bad. I was an impressionable kid during this era of cream cheese-less bagels, “fat free” pretzels (as if pretzels contained fat to begin with), and SnackWell’s, and it’s taken years for me to overcome […]

New Year, Fresh Start

Today begins a brand new year and a beckoning nudge to start fresh. Whether you’re hoping to jumpstart a weight loss plan, trim those last few pounds, or just hit the reset button on your indulgent holiday habits, these 5 simple strategies will have you feeling fresh and clean in […]