How Not To Gain 5 Pounds This Thanksgiving

Yesterday, on the Nourish blog, I shared some tips to help you eat smart without having to scrutinize every bite (and it includes eating dessert!). Check it out here: A Nutritionist’s Guide to the Holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat like a nutritionist

My diet is pretty rhythmic and predictable. I divulge all of my secrets on the Nourish blog today. Check it out here: Follow-up: The blog post was also featured on Click here to check it out!  

Tidying for a living

This year is going to be a tough one for us. Javier started a one-year Master’s program in May, so the challenges of parenting two kids in NYC just went up, exponentially. Some days it’s just me holding down the fort. It’s only one year, and from a 30,000-foot view, […]

How to lose the pooch (post-baby bump)

Full disclosure, I still have a pooch. (That’s a stock image of a woman who I’m guessing never had any children.) After delivering a 10 pounder, I’ve come to terms with the fact that my stomach may never be the same (sigh). Thankfully, boxy shirts and one-piece suits are in […]

7 Foods to Spring Clean Your Diet

  Spring is in the air, and I feel the urge to clean. After a long, cold and dry winter, our apartment isn’t the only thing in need of a little facelift. My skin and hair are feeling a bit sluggish and dull. (Apparently my twice-a-year facial isn’t cutting it.) […]

GMOs – What You Need To Know

Here’s the low down on GMOs, AKA “genetically modified organisms.” GMOs are a relatively new type of biotechnology that does things like “gene splicing,” where scientists take pieces of DNA from one species and transplant it into the DNA of the same species (or sometimes a completely different species. You […]

How To Lose the Baby Weight

Witnessing your waistline stretch and expand in ways you never imagined and seeing those numbers climb higher than they’ve ever been before can be tough. Especially if you’re someone who’s worked hard to maintain a healthy physique all your life. But remember, you’re having a baby. You’re literally growing life. […]

21 things to pack when flying with kid(s)

Keeping with my travel theme, I figured I’d share what has worked for me. To be prepared, you want to pack as light as possible, be hands free, and stay organized so when a meltdown happens, you can grab what you need in less than 3 seconds. For toddlers: pacifier […]