GreenBlender: Organic Smoothies Delivered

I’ve been jones’ing for a tropical vacation, big time. So when this box of fresh fruits & veggies showed up at my door, it was just what I needed to lift me from my winter blues. Along with all the organic fruits & veggies you need (with the exception of […]


Travel Friendly Snacks

Airports and rest stops are generally not known for their healthy fare. With salty, sugary temptations abound (and stress levels high!) it can be tough to make decent snack choices while on the go. But with a little planning, you can arrive safely at your destination and still fit into your bikini. […]


Before You Get Pregnant, Do This.

Getting knocked-up can be easy breezy for some and a frustrating challenge for others. This isn’t a fertility post. But there are a few things you might do to build a nice nest for the baby-to-be.   Go easy on the workouts. Think about it. If you were running from a bear, your body […]

5 Foods to Help You Sleep Like a Baby

(A baby that actually sleeps, that is.) Speaking of our on-the-go lifestyles, it can be hard to shut down when it comes to getting some shut eye. I for one am on the constant quest for a good nights sleep. Turns out there are some foods you can eat to […]

This isn’t a blog post.

It’s 10pm. I’m brain dead and still haven’t written my blog post. Why? Because at the café this morning while I was supposed to be writing as Miguel slept soundly in his stroller, I ran into a neighborhood friend and chatted the morning away.   Then later in the afternoon, […]

Why I stopped exercising

To me, exercise might as well be a four letter word, because although I love exercising while I’m actually doing it, I hate the buildup it takes to get there. I hate that it feels like work or another task in my day. I hate that it’s about burning calories. […]

Should you go gluten free?

It seems everyone is going “gluten-free” these days, and special (expensive!) gluten-free foods are popping up all over the grocery store. Should you be cutting it out too? Those with celiac disease MUST go 100% gluten-free, because when they consume even a tiny fraction (like the invisible amount that might […]

Must Have Supplements for Mom and Baby

I’m not one to advocate for supplements, powdered shake mixes, or fortified foods, but there are a few instances where I definitely think they can help. During pregnancy, I recommend a good quality food-based multivitamin. I say “food-based” because the vitamins and minerals harvested from actual food (like fruits and veggies) […]