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Cook Simple JambalayaPicture this: 6pm, you walk into your apartment and are literally tackled by two 30-pound boys, aged 1 and 3, all attempts to unzip jacket/remove shoes futile –> My life. (p.s. best part of my day.) Needless to say, I’m always looking for ways to shortcut dinner, so I was thrilled to discover this new line of all natural mixes from Cooksimple that require all of 5 minutes to prep. And by prep I mean opening a box, maybe a can, and slicing a few *optional* garnishes. Make no mistake, this is a far cry from mac ‘n cheese—these are legit healthy meals.

The company was kind enough to send me a few of their mixes to try, and the New Orleans Jambalaya has quickly become my newest obsession. It’s a simple blend of brown rice, dried onion, peppers, tomato, garlic and spices. No shady ingredients here. All you do is add your meat or seafood of choice, a can of diced tomatoes, and any garnishes you like.

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I had some wild Pacific cod, which is one of my favorite types of seafood. It’s not the nutrition powerhouse of omega-3 rich salmon—cod is actually quite low in fat—but it’s stays tender and moist if you’re careful not to overcook it, it’s a decent source of protein and vitamin B12, and it’s relatively inexpensive. It’s earned a regular spot in my shopping cart.

I also cut up some Al Fresco Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Sausage to intensify the flavor—love these sausages, which are fully cooked, non-greasy and have 30% less sodium than pork sausage.

I’m a heat lover, so I spiced it up with a few tips of Tabasco and sliced jalapeno, and then brightened it up with fresh cilantro and lime juice. Javier walked in smiling, thinking he was getting a special meal I’d spent hours preparing (I went with it, naturally).

Cooksimple promises healthy cooking made easy, and these truly are one-and-done meals—put all ingredients into one pot, let it simmer, and it’s done! Did I mention it makes more than enough for leftovers? I need more of this in my life.

P.S. The Cowboy Chili with quinoa and cinnamon is equally amazing. Pick up another can of diced tomatoes and a package of ground turkey, use the same garnishes and you’ve got an entire other meal covered. #winning

Jambalaya cooking

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Cooksimple, but the thoughts and views reflected in this post of all mine baby.

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