Tip #12 | Find what motivates you | 20 days, 20 ways to get fit for spring

Joaco Swing edited (1 of 1)I developed back problems after my pregnancy with my 2nd child (not surprising at 10 lbs!). It got so bad I couldn’t lift my boys for 3 days, and that’s when I got my wake up call—I realized if I want to keep up with my rough and tumble kids, it’s time I start paying attention to my health too.

Every time I feel guilty about leaving my boys to go to the gym or a physical therapy session I remind myself that my body is my vehicle to all the great memories that lie ahead, and I don’t want to half ass any of it.

Maybe you want to feel more confident in your own skin, run a half marathon or just feel more fit. Whatever it is, find it and keep your eyes set on it through every decision you make.

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