Tip #11 | Sip sensibly | 20 days, 20 ways to get fit for spring

Sip Sensibly_1A healthy diet can include a daily adult beverage, but don’t let a night of shenanigans throw you off track.

Even if you’re avoiding the obvious offenders like sugary, creamy concoctions, the calories can add up quickly. Did you to know that a bottle of wine is the caloric equivalent of a cheese burger and fries? Yikes! Not to mention you’re more likely to indulge in said foods when you’re buzzed and carefree. As if that’s not enough, alcohol is preferentially stored as fat — especially in the spare tire region. Sexy.

One drink a day comes with some health benefits, but anything beyond that quickly crosses the line to harmful. Choose your one drink potion wisely and really enjoy it. Quench your thirst with tasty and hydrating alternatives like naturally flavored seltzers, iced tea and coffee. I’m always a proponent of ordering the bottled still water at a restaurant (with a fancy wine glass and lemon wedge) so you’ll feel more obligated to drink it.

Stay on track with your goals by keeping these tips in mind–it’ll be much easier to hop back in the saddle mañana.

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