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3 Protein-in-a-Pinch Lunch Ideas


 For me, lunch is the hardest meal. It’s usually an afterthought until my belly starts growling and I start digging in the cupboards for something fast and easy (and usually not so healthy). The biggest challenge is finding something with protein – because I know if I don’t get protein […]

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Travel Friendly Snacks


 Airports and rest stops are generally not known for their healthy fare. With salty, sugary temptations abound (and stress levels high!) it can be tough to make decent snack choices while on the go. But with a little planning, you can arrive safely at your destination and still fit into your bikini. […]

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Homemade Spelt Pizza


 I’m always trying to find ways to have Joaquin participate in the kitchen with me – even if it is to make not-so-healthy foods like cookies. Last Friday, we finally got around to using our new pizza stone and the result was so worth the wait. Javier also got a […]

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This isn’t a blog post.


 It’s 10pm. I’m brain dead and still haven’t written my blog post. Why? Because at the café this morning while I was supposed to be writing as Miguel slept soundly in his stroller, I ran into a neighborhood friend and chatted the morning away.   Then later in the afternoon, […]


10 Healthy(ish) Habits Anyone Can Adopt


  Being “healthy” doesn’t happen overnight. Healthy people started doing healthy things a little at a time, made them habit, and eventually watched their bodies – the way they feel, think, and look – transform.   Today, I want to try a crowd-sourcing post. Let’s all share some healthy (ish) […]

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Why I stopped exercising


 To me, exercise might as well be a four letter word, because although I love exercising while I’m actually doing it, I hate the buildup it takes to get there. I hate that it feels like work or another task in my day. I hate that it’s about burning calories. […]