GreenBlender: Organic Smoothies Delivered

Fresh kiwi smoothie

I’ve been jones’ing for a tropical vacation, big time. So when this box of fresh fruits & veggies showed up at my door, it was just what I needed to lift me from my winter blues.

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Along with all the organic fruits & veggies you need (with the exception of a few conventional “non-organic” ingredients here and there), Green Blender includes recipes and “booster” ingredients for 5 smoothies (24 oz each, which serves 2). The price tag is a bit steep – $49 per week, but if you’re a smoothie freak, it makes total sense.

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I like smoothies, but I’m always conscious that with all the fruit they usually pack in, they’re often just a healthier version of a sugar bomb. But with the recipes I received (like Mint Chamomile Elixir and Green Pepper Pick-Me-Up) there was only about 1 serving of fruit, a decent serving of veggies, and added ingredients that I wouldn’t typically think to add, like lavender flowers and matcha tea.

Joaquin helped me add the ingredients to the Mint Chamomile Elixir: swiss chard, banana, orange, lemon juice, chamomile flowers, chia seeds and fresh mint. It was surprisingly delicious – zesty citrus and refreshing mint made me feel like I was sipping on sunshine.

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Joaco slurped his up and was loving the super fun straws they include. The recipe made enough for a decent sized serving for both of us and plenty of leftovers which I poured into popsicle molds for another day.

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I do wish they’d include the nutrition facts – not that I need that, but it would be good for those counting calories, protein, sugar, etc. As a nutritionist, I’d say these are some of the all around healthiest smoothies you can find.

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Bottom Line: If you (and your roomie) are spending at least $5 per workday on a smoothie then get your hands on some Greenblender.


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