Tip #7 | Kick up the intensity | 20 days, 20 ways to get fit for spring

In case you missed my Instagram/Facebook series, I’m reposting the content (and then some) here on the blog. Today’s tip comes from personal trainer Anel Dzafic (@countdownfitness), who I met with for an intense sweat sesh. Anel says high intensity will always get you the best results, fastest. Why? When […]

Tip #5 | Curb your carbs | 20 days, 20 ways to get fit for spring.

Carbs aren’t all bad. They provide great nutrition (and they taste damn good!) But it’s hard to hold back, so we eat more, and more, spike our blood sugar and feel crappy (and guilty!) afterwards. Rather than build your meal around them, make them an afterthought or garnish. If you’re […]

20 days, 20 ways to get fit for spring! #springiton

Spring weather is teasing us here in New York, and it feels fantastic! With it though, I’m reminded that I’ll soon have to slip into a bathing suit and sport my short shorts, and after a deliciously lazy winter, it’s a gentle nudge to step my fitness efforts up a […]

Immune-boosting Smoothie

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like this year there are more viruses and germs being passed around than ever! While it’s nice to be able to snuggle in bed on a day off, being sick is a HUGE waste of time. So I’ve started to be more thoughtful […]

Gourmet All Day with this 5-minute Jambalaya | Cooksimple Meals

Picture this: 6pm, you walk into your apartment and are literally tackled by two 30-pound boys, aged 1 and 3, all attempts to unzip jacket/remove shoes futile –> My life. (p.s. best part of my day.) Needless to say, I’m always looking for ways to shortcut dinner, so I was […]

A Nutritionist’s Guide to Cocktail Hour

You know the moment. The day is done, the dishes are clean, maybe the kids are tucked into bed or you just wrapped up a big work project. I look forward to this time when I can finally put my feet up and slowly savor my glass of red wine. […]

Why “Fat Free” does not mean better-for-you

If you read anything diet-related in the 80s, you’ve likely been brainwashed into thinking fat is bad. I was an impressionable kid during this era of cream cheese-less bagels, “fat free” pretzels (as if pretzels contained fat to begin with), and SnackWell’s, and it’s taken years for me to overcome […]