Hungry Root: I can’t believe it’s not pasta!

Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of freshly cooked noodles? The satisfying, hearty chew of an al dente pasta seems to feed you on an emotional level – it’s ultimate comfort food. But it’s hard to control your portions and can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish (especially if you’re […]


7-Minute Rotisserie Chicken and Roasted Veggies for under $10

Gone are the days when I could let myself get lost in Whole Foods, scoping out the latest nut butter or casually grinding my own coffee beans. Nowadays I’m in and out of the corner market just long enough to grab my 10 get-me-through-the-week items that I can locate in […]


No Fuss Road Trip Snacks

I’m a great snack packer. Always have been. My mom calls me a squirrel, because I have something stored away in my bag at all times. You never know when you’ll get stranded underground in a hot subway car or stuck in traffic gridlock. And now that I have kids, […]


The Best Frittata You’ll Ever Eat

If you’re having Easter Brunch, do yourself a favor and make this frittata. I’ve made it only once, but it’s so easy, and the feedback from my guests was “these are some of the best eggs I’ve ever tasted.” It’s amazing… and it’s only 200 calories per serving. 12 eggs […]


8 Delicious (and Healthy!) Sparkling Water Infusions

Fellow nutritionist, Keri Gans, and I share some tips with for adding a flavor pop to your typical plain old seltzer. (Think: pineapple & ginger, grapefruit & rosemary, and cherry + apple + cinnamon stick). Read on here.  


GreenBlender: Organic Smoothies Delivered

I’ve been jones’ing for a tropical vacation, big time. So when this box of fresh fruits & veggies showed up at my door, it was just what I needed to lift me from my winter blues. Along with all the organic fruits & veggies you need (with the exception of […]


3 Protein-in-a-Pinch Lunch Ideas

For me, lunch is the hardest meal. It’s usually an afterthought until my belly starts growling and I start digging in the cupboards for something fast and easy (and usually not so healthy). The biggest challenge is finding something with protein – because I know if I don’t get protein […]


Travel Friendly Snacks

Airports and rest stops are generally not known for their healthy fare. With salty, sugary temptations abound (and stress levels high!) it can be tough to make decent snack choices while on the go. But with a little planning, you can arrive safely at your destination and still fit into your bikini. […]


Homemade Spelt Pizza

I’m always trying to find ways to have Joaquin participate in the kitchen with me – even if it is to make not-so-healthy foods like cookies. Last Friday, we finally got around to using our new pizza stone and the result was so worth the wait. Javier also got a […]


Brooklyn Chili (a leaner recipe you’ll love!)

It’s been cold, damp and dreary in New York for the past few days. My parents were in town to meet our newest addition, Miguel, and we overdid it eating out the first few nights. (Check out The Heyward next time you’re in Williamsburg — delicious Southern food.) So we […]